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tonight on c-span2, we hear from libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson about the obstacles facing a third party candidate in the 2012 election. then live coverage from denver, colorado, for a campaign rally with republican presidential candidate mitt romney. later, president obama rallies with supporters in las vegas. >> tuesday british labour party leader ed miliband delivers remarks in manchester. we'll have live coverage from england here on c-span2 starting at 9:15 a.m. eastern. also tuesday on c-span2, a look at what happens to individual taxes if the bush era tax cuts expire. former congressional budget office director douglas holtz-eakin and other economists look at the issue. our live coverage from the urban institute here in washington, d.c. starts at noon eastern. >> every generation through our history has worked and sacrificed to leave a better country to their children and grandchildren and future generations. we, we were then spending their money, we are now even more, much more, spending their money, and we are leaving them a mess that will be a very difficul
of the page. >> the next three hours is your turn to tap with author and lecturer's even johnson, the best-selling science writer will talk about the cyberworld, popular culture and computer networking as a political tool. mr. johnson is the author of eight nonfiction books including every name, were good ideas come from an the 2012 release, future perfect. >> host: steven johnson come in your newest book, in a network age, use those term pre-progressive. what is that? >> guest: it is my attempt to come up with a term for this new political philosophy that i see emerging all around me. the book is really people who are trying to change the world in trying to ban progress, but he don't completely fit the existing models that we have between the left in the right or democrats and republicans. they believe in many ways that the way the internet was built, the way the web was built, the way things that wikipedia were built, using these collaborative. the works, where people come together from different points of view and openly collaborating, building ideas, that that mechanism is a tremendous
coverage continues. we're expecting to have gary johnson, libertarian candidate, coming up, giving his perspective, and perhaps if you're looking for a nonneutral perspective, you go down the center which would be gary johnson. interesting to hear what he has to say, and peter barns himself tracking the various spins on the situation. we'll get back to neil and the situation in denver shortly. for now, we'll take a short break -- actually, do we have gary johnson? i believe we do. yes, we do have gary johnson. gary, can you hear me? david asman from new york. gary johnson, can you hear me? david asman here. >> i can, david. david: thank you for being here. we suggested that you might have somewhat of a neutral perspective on what happened tonight. obviously, democrats saying the president held his own, republicans saying he was a slam dunk for romney. what say you? >> much to do about nothing. i mean, the country is in deep doo-doo. we all have to take on mutual sacrifice if we're going to save ourselves from a mop -- monetary collapse. the two are arguing over lowering corporate tax r
? and then, penny for his thoughts, details of an exclusive interview with jc penney's ceo, ron johnson. how long before his grand turn around plan shows results? and a bit of a turn around for the markets. are we -- we are down as we come on the air. sue herera, by 60 points? >> that's right, ty, a modest decline. yesterday when we started here, we were up triple digits, today, both the dow and the s & p lower, profit taking perhaps or something more. let's get the trading action here with bob pisani joins me from the floor. i would say it is a little profit taking. we still have a a lot of data points we still have the employment report out on friday and we'd big triple digit advance in the dow. >> very frustrating to say we are still moving on europe. happenness every day makes people crazy, look at the dow jones industrial average, waiting for spain to ask for a bailout request. it is that simple. 11:15, 11:30, the prime minister of spain came caught and said you listen, we are not going to make any requests imminently, we don't know what the word imminent means. don't know if it's going
at huawei, it looks like just a big international company with an american face. >> chris johnson: yep. and that's the intent. >> kroft: until last spring, chris johnson was the c.i.a.'s top analyst on china, and he's briefed the last three presidents on what's been happening behind the scenes in beijing. he tells a different story than huawei's bill plummer. >> johnson: the problem, i think, is really it boils down to an issue of will the company take some steps to make themselves, you know, more transparent about their operations and what their ultimate goal is, especially this relationship with the chinese government, with the chinese communist party, and with the people's liberation army. >> kroft: johnson says the military has always played a role in chinese telecommunications, and that huawei's reclusive c.e.o. served as an army major in telecommunications research before he retired and founded huawei, supposedly with a few thousand dollars in savings and no help from the chinese government. what could you tell me about the guy that runs this company, ren? >> johnson: ren zhengfe
much you can do. host: thanks for calling. this on twitter -- on facebook -- gary johnson will be on this program to take your calls in about an hour, 8:30 eastern time. the last call from texas reminds us of the interview with ross belprospero. -- with ross perot. richard spoke with him down in plano, texas. the headline, the u.s. is headed for disaster. the full interview with richard wolfe of "usa today" talking with perot, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. [video clip] >> do you think if we had had a administration from 1993 it through 2001, that things would be different today in terms of our fiscal picture? >> i would make every effort. i would have had to deal with the two parties. i would've gone directly to the american people for their full support. once you actually have that, you probably can get them to agree to anything, including a bad idea, which i would not have done. someone asked someone if he still stood for anything, and he said, "young man, i stand for reelection." host: that was an interview with ross perot. and here's the front page written by richard of to d
is target, second is sirius xm, third is clorox, clx. fourth is disney, dis, and last is johnson & johnson, jnj. >> all right. let me go to work. sirius, the classic final station. 26, it can't be beaten. sirius is entertainment. disney -- let's call it radio. that would conflict with disney. that's true entertainment. johnson & johnson, pharma. target one of the best retailers in the world. and clorox -- too much like johnson & johnson. this is tough. we are going to get rid of clorox and bring a little industrial in there. why don't we put in, yes, i don't mind saying it, ge, since it's one of the biggest positions in -- or you can do 3m. which made a really good executive decision today that i liked very much about not overpaying for avery dennison. let's go to sandy in ohio. >> caller: boo-yah to you. calling to see if i am diversified. >> okay. >> caller: my five stocks are emc, procter & gamble, pg, bristol-myers, bmy, conagra, cag and vodafone, vad. >> detected a philadelphia accent among that ohio moniker. >> high-yielding telco from europe. not my favorite but that's okay. bristol
johnson. host: joining us now is gary johnson, former governor of mexico. he is the libertarian nominee. gary johnson, first question. look at the major party candidates. what is missing in the debate and what do you bring to the table? guest: how about the truth, for starters. the notion that obama and mitt romney are arguing over who will spend more on medicare. when we need to have a raging debate in this country on how we cut medicare spending, spending, i think we will find ourselves in the midst of a monetary collapse. that issue/ what is your prescription? pardon the expression. guest: i oversaw the reform of medicaid when i was governor of new mexico. we saved hundreds of millions of dollars. we set a better health-care networks for the poor. i believe if the government blocked -- done away with the strings and the manas, i could have overseen the delivery of health care to the poor. -- do away with the mandates. health care for those over 65. get the federal government out of health care completely. get is how we're going to out of this. giving it up to the states. 50 laborator
, the libertarian party candidate gary johnson on obstacles facing a third-party candidate. and mitt romney in the campaign rally in denver, colorado. later, president obama joins supporters at a campaign rally in las vegas. >> arnie duncan is at the national press club on tuesday to discuss the state of american education. he will address changes over the last four years and look ahead. see it live at 1:00 p.m. eastern on our companion network, c-span3. next, look at the presidential campaign and libertarian party candidate, gary johnson. the former governor of new mexico talks about his view of the tea party system and obstacles for third-party candidates. from "washington journal", this is 40 minutes. >> we are now with gary johnson, the former governor of new mexico. 1995 to 2003, the libertarian presidential nominee and gary johnson's first question, when you look at the major party candidate in this year's cycle, what is missing in the debate and dialogue and what you bring to the table? >> well, how about the truth, for starters, the notion that both obama and romney are arguing over
of thousands of people along the san francisco water tront. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. altogether one million people are expected to drive, boat or bart into the city to take part in an unprecedented weekend of high-profile events. along with the blue angels there is the america's cup world series along the embarcadero, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. the giants have playoff games at 6:30 p.m. on saturday and sunday. the castro street fair and the italian heritage parade is on sunday. that's to name a few of the events. ama dates is live tonight with what is going on. ama, how do you get where you are going? >> dan, it is dizzying thinking about all of the events. it is hard to keep them straight. we are here at pier39 where people are hanging out and having a good time before he take a cab home or walk to where they are going. tomorrow i expect lots more people to be out here to check out things like the blue angels. >> that's the best part of our job. the flying is unbelievable, but to meet kids and get them excited about what
francisco water tront. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. altogether one million people are expected to drive, boat or bart into the city to take part in an unprecedented weekend of high-profile events. along with the blue angels there is the america's cup world series along the embarcadero, the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park. the giants have playoff games at 6:30 p.m. on saturday and sunday. the castro street fair and the italian heritage parade is on sunday. that's to name a few of the events. ama dates is live tonight with what is going on. ama, how do you get where you are going? >> dan, it is dizzying thinking about all of the events. it is hard to keep them straight. we are here at pier39 where people are hanging out and having a good time before he take a cab home or walk to where they are going. tomorrow i expect lots more people to be out here to check out things like the blue angels. >> that's the best part of our job. the flying is unbelievable, but to meet kids and get them excited about what they have to offer or stayin
gary johnson will be joining us. we will begin with mark from illinois on the line for independence. caller: i just have to say that the whole republican and democratic thing is getting out of control. i am 62 years old. i go back from eisenhower on. i call them republicrats. they all go for the same corporations. is so undemocratic it is ridiculous. we have to get somebody new in the system. it is gridlock. the congress cannot get anything done. these people just go make deals and make money for themselves. we have to get some new blood into this system. host: thank you for the call. we will be covering the debates. we invite you to watch and engage the mentor of the debates. you can do this on our facebook page. -- engage in the debates. we have covered every debate since 1984. the first debates took place and 1960, 52 years ago. next is bill also on the line for independents. caller: no more important today than they have been in the past. the two main parties, it gets harder and harder to distinguish them from one another. it gives the person a chance to really put out and vote
of the supreme court. gary johnson take your calls and questions, and former assistant transportation secretary looks at the 2013 budget request for the federal transit authority and how that money is allocated. "washington journal," live 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. the british house of commons is in recess, so in place the prime minister's questions, deputy prime minister and liberal democrat nick clegg spoke at his party's annual conference. the liberal democrats formed a coalition for the conservatives after being -- after the may 2010 election when no party won an overall majority in the house of commons. a few days ago, he apologized for breaking his party's election pledge to vote against any rise in university tuition fees. in his speech, he addresses other criticisms from some liberal democrats and outlines his vision for the future up to and beyond the next election in 2015. this is about 40 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. >> this summer, as we cheered our athletes to gold after gold after gold, britain remembered how it feels to win again. but more importantly, we remembered what i
johnson event, which prevents nonprofits from endorsing or supporting political candidates. it was added to the tax code by lyndon b. johnson. some historians say as a way to silence his critics. attorney jordan laurs, says the law is unconstitutional. >> the irs has no business making a theological determination that certain topics are off limits if you are having church on the weekend. >> reporter: but organizations like americans united for a separation of church special state say the johnson amendment must be upheld to protect the divide between faith and politicians. >> what is at stake is the integrity of churches. churches are not supposed to be political action committees am people don't go to church tow hfer hear to vote for for the city council or president. they go for spiritual solace and to learn about the holy scripture, want to be told who is the best president. >> reporter: this is the fifth year of public freedom sunday. the number of pastors has grown three-fold from just last year. their ultimate goal is to have the irs law declared unconstitutional and the other is to
issue on who or where we start. >> also, davie johnson left the game in the seventh inning with numbness in his left leg. the x rays revealed there might be nerve issues in his back and he's going to take anti- inflammatories and he will be fine. we're watching the redskins health as well. pierre garcone and trent williams, they were full go in practice and evan royster and robinson, they were limited in their workload today. big one coming up on sunday. rg3, of course, he's coming off of a great performance this last week last sunday against the buccaneers. although griffin didn't throw touchdowns, he passed for a career high, 323 yards and with some 43 rushing yards and a touchdown. and that was his best performance as a professional the rookie qb agreed with the coach today. >> and i think it was my best game. after doing the film study and this is a more complete solid game and didn't take any bad sacks and got through my progressions and everyone was doing their job and that helps me. >> day two of training camp and george mason. number three, the third overall pick and averaged 17
him to get there. he pitched better to have 15 wins. >> a note on davie johnson. he left the game in the 7th inning with numbness in the left leg and had x rays taken, appears to have nerve issue. we'll monitor his status. as far as the post season and we're watching the wild card game on friday between the braves and cardinals. round one, of course, they will play the winner of that game on sunday and will take place in st. louis or atlanta, back here at nats park tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for games three-five. all right, there was some other big news today. home field advantage, sure and how about this? the president's race. teddy roosevelt who won, is yet to win and is pulling up in the rear as usual and baby philly fanatic, comes out and knocks down the competition. washington, jefferson, lincoln and opens up a clear path for teddy who takes advantage to win the first president's race and teddy is finally on the board and how about that? 525 races, i believe, that he failed to win. teddy is on the board and this team is going to home season with homefield advantage. >>
johnson. >> john: what could he possibly want more than a name that doesn't sound doubly phallic. >> he told bloom beg news it was more important to him that mitt romney win the presidential election than the jets have a winning season. the team went 8-8 last year and is 2-2 so far. >> john: i come from new york. the jets aren't going to have a winning season and mitt romney isn't going to be president. let me ask you a question, dan when you're reading the headlines, is it distracting to read a name like woody johnson? >> a little. >> john: you kept your composure. i can think of peter o'toole and woody johnson doubly phallic game. >> go by richard johnson. >> john: if you're a celebrity or a rock singer, you need to shut up about your political opinions but if you're in the nfl, by all means talk about who you want for president. >> maybe mitt romney wasn't bluffing when he said of some his best friends own nfl teams. >> john: he said nascar teams i thought. >> no, he said it about both. >> john: he'll probabl
for gary johnson. host: and this tweet also speaks to that. guest: it sounds like the caller is on board with the clean hands principle. when the whole process looks a little dirty to you, that is a pretty good reason not to vote. on this point, gary johnson, who was the libertarian candidate in this cycle, running on the slogan "throw away your vote, vote for me. -- a vote for me." there are many who feel that neither party is speaking for them and a third-party candidate is a great way to voice that sense. third-party candidates already know their vote will not influence the outcome -- the outcome of the election. they are on board with the idea that their vote is expressive. host: candidates. johnson was our guest on "washington journal" just a couple of days ago on monday -- candidates. johnson was our guest on "washington journal" just a couple of days ago on monday . on candidate gary johnson was our guest just a couple of days ago on monday. you can see that in our cards. next caller. caller: to become of voting is like aon playground -- to me, voting is like a playground and the
. >> to take away your tax exempt status. tell us why. >> the johnson amendment took away freedom of speech, freedom of religion. our belief is that there should be a separation of church and state that you eluded to. there should be no government intrusion into the pulpit at all. in 194 54, that changed, taking away 166 years of pulpit freedom. we've been trying to restore that and see the johnson amendment taken to court and be unconstitutional based on the first amendment. in hopes of seeing a court case so that the johnson amendment can officially be thrown out and pastors can, once again, have their first amendment rights back. >> will you endorse a candidate during your sermon this sunday? >> i plan on doing exactly that. what we're saying is that's the freedom of the pastor. fes taes up to them. that's a receipt that we v we're simply saying we're trying to reclaim what was lost. 501-c, only one category has a speech restriction put on it, 501-c-3, which happens to be churches. lyndol banes johnson his aide would acknowledge that they never had churches in mind. they were aimed at tw
captioning made possible by johnson & j where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> osgood: good morning. i'm charles osgood and this is sunday morning. sometimes the name of a street says it all. wall street. sunset boulevard. fifth avenue. do which you can add k street in washington d.c., the capital insiders when you mention k street you're talking about the lobbying industry. yes, in its way own it is an industry and it's the subject of our sunday morning cover story to be reported this morning by sheryl at kissson. >> lobbying is a notoriously secretive business yet few industries have more impact on our daily lives. >> the boy scouts have lobbyists. the afl-cio has lobbyists. apple does. everybody has a lobbyist. the influence of business in washington d.c. is the third largest business after government and tourism. >> you can still do a lot of military. >> reporter: a rare look inside the powerful world of k street later on sunday morning. >> osgood: on this weekend before columbus day, we've embarked on a journey to discover col
." >>> also "dancing with the stars" this morning. boy, it is all over for joey fatone and kym johnson. did not shine last night on "dancing with the stars." also, when they got kicked off, the crowd didn't love it all that much. they look okay this morning. they're having a good time. we're going to talk to them live in a little bit. >>> first, let's get news from josh. >> we're going to start with tonight's crucial presidential debate. here's where it will happen. you're taking a look at the university of denver. the first of three debates. tonight's will focus on domestic issues, including jobs, the economy, and health care. and president obama will be heading into tonight's showdown, just hours after a video of him from 2007 surfaced on a conservative website. then-senator obama is heard praising controversial pastor jeremiah wright. and accusing the federal government of not doing enough to help new orleans recover from hurricane katrina. the president's campaign calls the video a desperate attack. >>> meantime, there's signs that mitt romney is ready to offer specifics about his tax p
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johnson under arrest accused of domestic violence taken into custody in las vegas earlier this morning after an ex-girl friend told police he choked her into unconsciousness and left her in her underwear in a hotel hallway. he's being held on a $15,000 bond pending a court appearance on charges for strangulation. johnson played briefly with the skins in 2010. he faces a minimum two years in state prison in convicted. >>> up next more problems for american airlines as the company is forced to cancel dozens of flights. >> plus a brutal beating put a political consultant in the hospital. no charges will be filed. find out why next. >> if you see a story we should look into, there's the number and e-mail address. we're back. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... and great benefits, vote for question seven. [ kreg smith ] i'm third generation military. i served in the army, two tours over there.
: eliuzza johnson insists she was wrongfully accused of serving crack on the street. after serving half her sentence she's free for good and plans to challenging her conviction back home. what she can't get back is time with her child. >> i lost custody of my child, and i don't know how i'm going to fix that. >> reporter: what do you think of the chemist who is now accused of -- >> destroying my life, but i forgive her. but as long as i have my daughter, that's all i care about. >> reporter: susan candiotti, cnn, boston. >> with so many drug samples and cases involved, we will dig deeper into the fallout with our go-to legal expert next hour. >>> the fight for the presidency takes to the street. "sesame street," that is. yes, this bate is between mitt romney and big bird. so who will have the last word? [ female announcer ] food, meeflavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at side by side so you get the same coverage
pregnancy. the reason magic johnson resigned is because the statement you heard from mr. bush is the longest and best statement he made about it in public. i'm prof what we did as a democratic convention putting two hiv people on the platform and i'm proud the lead'm going to give to this country in dealing with the aids crisis. >> new question for r. perot, you have two minutes to answer and ann compton will ask it. >> mr. perot, even if you got what people say are the guts to take on changes in the most popular and most sakeered, since a president isn't a lone ranger, how in the world can you make some of those unpopular changes? >> twoays, number one, if i get there, it wilbe a very unusual and historical eept, because the people -- because the people , not the special interest, put me there. i will have a unique man tate. i have said again d again and this upsets the establishment in washington that we're going to inform the people in detail through an lech tronic town hall so they know what's going on. they will want to do what for our country. all of these fellows with thousand dollar
news desk as well. >> sad news to report at this hour. former johnson & johnson chief executive james e. burke has died. he was 87. he spent 37 years at johnson & johnson and he is perhaps best remembered for guiding the company very successfully through the tylenol poisoning scandal in the early 1980s. as a result of that fortune magazine named him one of lift's ten greatest ceos, and he was awarded the presidential medal of freedom in the year 2000. he died at the age of 87. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter tha
question is whether this a amendment will drive some of those voters to support gary johnson, the former republican governorf new mexico, who is a strong advocate. >> look, t it's a domestic issu. i know this isn't the first high propro file attempt to legalize marijuana, so what's the track record? >> it hasn't been good. most recently in california, in the 'tea party election of 2010, polls said this measure might pass. california looked like it was on the verge. went down to defeat on election day. it's a significant tale for folks especially in a state this dopely divided, but what's fascinated is this way this is being pitched. they're really trying to put schools forward on the issue. it's a different tactic than we've seen in the past. >> well, i can't wait till it comes up during the debate because i just bet that it will as it should. thanks very much. >>> ahead, three americans were killed in afghanistan today. it is the latest in a spree of deadly attacks targeting american troops in a war that goes on and on and on. and while supposedly the war is winding down, people are sti
are gathering today. court knee caught up with jcpenney ceo ron johnson to get an update on the retailer. she joins us on the phone. >> just moments ago i wrapped up with speaking with ron johnson about how the business is is going in the middle of this big transformation. you know he's getting ready to speak in front of a group of investors and other retailers here in new york city. basically ron johnson said that what we can expect for holiday is that jcpenney style holiday. they will participate in black friday, but sticking with their fair and square plan. other than that, he wouldn't reveal the details but said november 1st we'll know much more about the holiday. interestingly for the first time since the announcement of the transformation, ron johnson also says today at 4:00 he'll be speaking with employees about those 400 jcpenney stores across the country that will not have shops. he said they will be changing the presentation and the product and will know a little more today. i believe we're the first ones to know that detail at this point. additionally, he does expect to grow sales
with senior officials in different countries. mitt romney johnson in has to say what he has to say could has president, you have to be poised. you have to be confident with who you are talking to and what you have to talk about. i think that is how obama tone it down on his own platform. he is the president. he is in office. he knows the stuff that is going on. >> thank you. we have about 15 minutes left to take your calls from all around the country and your reaction to the debates. let's introduce you to another delegate. this is cindy was a delegate to the democratic convention. she was named mayor pro tem and wants to the debate tonight. what was your reaction? >> i was kind of confused when i started listening to the pundits after the debates because i took a lot of notes, wrote down a lot of descriptive words about how i thought each candidate was looking and acting. so that i could have an intelligent conversation and not just come from one perspective. i had a loose, nervous and aggressive on romney. and i had relaxed, speaking to the audience, and confident on obama. but that is not
in thinking that if i do vote i'll be voting for gary johnson. i found out more libertarian independ i'll switching from republican to independent. >> host: larrys and i said i degree with you katherine mangu-ward even far third party candidate it's the best chance i have to influence the future position. weigh in on the larry's position and the caller. >> guest: it sounds like the caller is on board with my and jason's clean hand principle when whole process looks dirtedty to you. that's a good reason not vote. actually exactly on the point and on the other person's point, gary johnson who is a libertarian candidate in this cycle was running ads or running on the slogan throe away the vote. vote for me. i can't remember the exact phrasing. he was saying there are a lot of people who believe the votes don't count or the two major party representatives are not speaking for them. and the third spart a great way to kind of voice that dissent. again, i think they have the advantage. they know their vote is not going influence the outcome of the election. they understand that mas a little b
doesn't have a specific plan. republican senator johnson joins us from denver. you've been in the bubble of the debate. and most people sh most polls which are inaccurate show governor romney won this debate. and i'm curious what you think overall impact will be for the candidate? >> this is a really great performance by the governor. and i think it resets the campaign giving him on opportunity to take his case to the american people. and so mup of what people have heard, seen, read about mitt romney comes through a filter, tonight he has a chance to draw a contrast between his vision for the future of the country and last four years with the president which has been a staying nant economy, chronic unemployment and massive amounts of debt. and mitt romney got a chance to put forward his plan and vision this evening and i think it's going to have a significant impact on the narratives in days and week as head its interesting the debate elevated the discussion. we didn't hear anything about the case for governor romney. we didn't hear about president obama saying you didn't build it or som
. that is not an acceptable explanation for mccain and rod johnson who say that the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. ambassador rice claims that they launched a comprehensive effort to what happened in benghazi but they failed to secure the scene of terrorist scene for three weeks. a state department mem oh shows the security team was denied a dc-3 aircraft they asked for but they say there is nothing prevented that the plane would have prevented the murder of those four americans. >> heather: peter, thanks. >> gregg: as the administration pursues the terrorists behind the murder of four americans in libya, recent purchase of one u.s. prison has some concerned that it will be used to house detainees from guantanamo bay on u.s. soil. while the administration has promised that shot the case our next guest is not so sure. peter king joins us, chairman of homeland security committee. i have a copy of the letter you sent to the president. you say it's clear that he, i'll quote, intends to proceed with a reckl
with the johnson space center has moved forward. we have three companies under agreement here with the capability contract. boeing, sierra nevada and space x with the falcon 9 dragon rider. we are moving forward to help enable commercial operations for crew to the international space station. >> so that's the next step in what is a promising future, at least right now. don, they are going to be carrying up the supplies, as i mentioned. they have a lot of food stuff and experiments. i know you know what this experiment is all about, but let me just read one of these. the role of microtube yal and gravity investments in plant investigation. >> i don't know. can you explain to us what that means? gradual continuing -- let's speak in layman's terms now. now that commercial companies are flying cargo, what is the status of nasa's manned space program? >> well, what you're going to see now is now that they are doing this and once they are able to by 2016, these commercial companies, to take astronauts to the space station, nasa is working on the new big rocket that will ultimately use the orion spacecr
, some eyes will also be on the skies. veronica johnson has a look at some wet weather headed our way. hey, v.j. >> hey there, doreen. that's right, it will be a little wet here coming over the next couple of hours. as showers move on into our area, and continue moving on through. look at this. we've got a big batch of rain sitting down to the south, around the charleston area of virginia, and west virginia, roanoke, virginia, all this headed to the northeast right through our area. it's a little wet right now. you can see the scattered showers around frederick and into d.c., on down to the south. it's only going to turn a bit sogier as we go through our evening. north of bethesda, d.c., kettering looking at some showers. the forecast for the game, let's play ball, right? 7:05 first pitch. scattered showers. but mainly light showers around our area. dropping from the upper 60s to the mid-60s, so it will be a little wet, but i can't see this game being canceled because of the weather at all. >> thank you, veronica. >>> it's what everybody hoped for when baseball returned to washington
spiral. liz: it does that actually hurt in the j.c. penney and ron johnson has taken over have not had a good strategy either. one strategist said he should be writing a thank-you note because shoppers from j.c. penney are so fed up there now going to sears. >> well, it's another example of what i would consider to be a radical and risky plan that was not properly stress tested before it was announced the public of city employees, vendors, the entire investment community. it has two elements. number one, he, like mr. lambert , have some disdain for the promotional and sale orientation of big box retailer like department stores. the fact is, those strategies can work, and i . to macy's into coals as examples of two chains that do a very effective and very profitable job using the strategies. the problem is not in the strategy but in the execution of the strategy. what he has now gone, as we have seen from the-20% results, he has left his customers behind. with the get them back? i just don't know. liz: j.c. penney down 8% year-over-year. there are companies that you think are doing it r
? there are other people who, you know, are technically are capable of winning because they are -- >> like johnson you are talking about? >> yeah, in this country you have probably less democracy than some of the other countries that we're trying to say are not following good democracy. connell: johnson, you'd probably support him? >> i haven't decided that. connell: let me ask you one more question before i let you go. we have all this talk about the undecided voters out there. i think reuters said it is about 6% of the electorate. different polls say different things. is there something that mitt romney could still do at this late hour to convince you ron paul to support him? >> bring the troops home, you know, and quit this preaching of a foreign policy where he wants to expand our presence overseas, and that's a big, big thing with especially the young people that have been in the freedom movement. so foreign policy would have to change. and he'd have to give more than token support for a token audit of the federal reserve. have to say well there's something wrong with central banking and econ
to demonstrate their concern about the disease aids. a celebrated member of your commission, magic johnson, quit saying that there was too much inaction. where is this widespread feeling coming from that your administration is not doing enough about aids? >> coming from the political process. we have increased funding for aids. we've doubled it on research and on every other aspect of it. my request for this year was $4.9 billion for aids -- ten times as much per aids victim as per cancer victim. i think that we're showing the proper compassion and concern. so i can't tell you where it's coming from, but i am very much concerned about aids and i believe that we've got the best researchers in the world out there at n.i.h. working the problem. we're funding them i wish there was more money -- but we're funding them far more than any time in the past, and we're going to keep on doing that. i don't know. i was a little disappointed in magic because he came to me and i said, "now if you see something we're not doing, get ahold of me. call me, let me know." he went to one meeting, and then we heard t
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